Privacy Policy for Camera Light

Last updated: 20th February 2017
Welcome to use the Camera Light application (including the product web version and APK, hereinafter referred to as the service) developed by our company. We attach great importance to your privacy interests so that you can feel at ease to use the functions of this service. Information, hereby inform you of the privacy policy of this service to protect your interests, please read the following:


First, the scope of application of privacy protection policy:
Privacy policy content, including how the Company handles the personal data collected when you use the Service. The privacy policy does not apply to content other than this service, nor does it apply to persons who are entrusted or participate in the management of the service.


Second, the collection of personal data, processing, and use:
When you use this service, we will provide you with the necessary personal information and the use of your personal information within the context of the promotion of the service and the optimization of your use experience.
This service will retain your name, e-mail address, contact information and other account registration information when you use the camera platform management service, any information provided to us, including the collection, use, and maintenance of personal information, Without your prior consent, you may not post to others, and the information collected is specifically designed to enhance your experience with the use of the Service.


Third, the protection of information:
The service hosts are equipped with a firewall, antivirus systems and other related information security equipment and the necessary security measures, the use of strict protection measures to protect the site and your personal information. This service will be used in your camera during the operation of your camera to use the camera and video local preservation, the operation of the data involved in the user to browse and view, the service will not be stored anywhere in your photos and video, And will never use any user's photos, unless the user explicitly granted us permission to do so. This service will use the PHONE and AUDIO of your mobile phone system during the operation of your camcorder, which will be used for real-time transmission of audio to the camera, to communicate with the camera in two directions, and the server will not access this data.


Fourth, the website of the relevant links:
The service website provides links to other websites, and you can also click on the links provided by the service to click on other websites. But the linked site does not apply to the privacy policy of this service, you must refer to the privacy policy in the linked site.


Fifth, Policy of sharing personal data with third parties:
This service will not provide, exchange, lease or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private enterprises or business offices, but with legal basis or contractual obligations. he circumstances of the preceding paragraph include not limited to:

Through your written consent.
The law expressly states.
When your use of the Service, the breach of the Terms of Service, or the possible damage or obstruction of the Site and other User's Rights or any damage to the User, the Site Manager may disclose your personal information necessary to identify, contact or take legal action


Sixth, the amendment of the privacy protection policy:
The privacy policy of this website will be amended at any time in response to the requirements. The revised terms will be published on the website of Camera Light. If you continue to use the Service after modification or variation of the Privacy Policy, you are deemed to agree to the changes or changes in the Service.


Seventh, If you have any questions or concerns regarding the search for Camera Light product privacy policy, please contact us via email at